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About Taash 52

About Taash Artwork

A service portal that is stacked with multifold online card gaming services. TAASH 52 is a platform, a mobile service portal and a framework which entails easy, customizable and on point game modes synergized to the playing styles of your audiences. With TAASH 52, we offer a set of rummy game development services including modeling, design-frameworks, development of mobile card games online and hybrid testing for all the segments of TAASH 52, while defining our forte in providing best security solutions over the mobile game applications.

Our ideal objective is to render the leverage of online mobile card game services with efficient operability, security-payment features and user-convenience. All of which is tailor-made.

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attributes of taash 52

  • game policy icon Fair Game Policies
  • multi game mode icon Multiple Game Modes
  • rewards and promo icon Flashy Rewards
  • reliable promotion icon Reliable Promotions
  • multi game mode icon old Multi-Role Options
  • high end graphic icons High-end Graphics
  • anti fraud icon Robust Anti-Fraud Detection
  • customized card game app icon Customized Card Game App
  • RMG Certified

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Our Clients Success Story

Rummy One
rummy icon

TAASH 52 has a distinct game setting. The application is rightly robust and responsive. I would recommend this for mobile card game applications.

Draw 4
Draw 4 icon

Playing Draw 4 on this platform is easy. Mainly, their customized application makes the entire gaming experience thrilling and secure.

Call Break
call break icon

For games like Call Break, the TAASH 52 has a facilitative interface. The gameplay is more fun with their high-end graphics on the application.

Poker Gold
Poker Gold icon

The secured prizes and standard payment options add up to the online rummy game experience through their application.

3 Cards Rumble
3 card logo

For game enthusiasts like me, having an entire gaming model personalized, engaging with players on the other side and earning exciting prices is a big takeaway that Taash 52 offers.

Phase 10
Phase 10 icon

They have an unique set-up where the players like us get to have a plethora of payment options and the most secured of all at the same time. It is certainly acing the mobile rummy games.

Tech Stack


How to get an online card game developed rapidly?

We have a community of card game developers ready to scheme your gameplay ideas on the framework of a wide selection of card games. Your vision of the game will be put to life with robust mechanisms on our Taash 52 platform.

How is poker played on a mobile card game application?

It is quite simple, you need to have access over the platform, create an account, set-up the game with required credentials and you are good to take up your poker game online.

What services are provided by TAASH 52 mobile card game application?

From creating the entire platform to your requirements, providing the series of online card game frameworks, to re-developing the entire version with excellent graphics we are ready to attend all your requirements with regards to setting up an online mobile card game application with high security features.

Why is TAASH 52 highly facilitative for the mobile users?

We have a series of card games on the TAASH 52 platform which can be revamped to help you engage your audience with preferred gaming styles. With that, we are here to add to your card gaming experience with a platform with high-end graphics and updated user-interface . And, the highly secured payment options lead you to have the best mobile card game apps for your audiences. With hands on experience in rummy game development we have a platform with finest security provisions.

How to make the best win in online poker?

While having an entire online gaming platform curated with your preferences with regards to the game styles, you have more chances of winning on your side against others game enthusiasts out there. Where the game play has a framework that matches your attributes you are all set to win over.

What is white label card development?

A gaming platform that is set-up by an operator who is an expert, where the solution is assembled online on a software with a whole facet of services including issuing cards, to managing the mobile application and even the back-end processes. And, the same set of rights are transferable, where the organization can rebrand the application of online card games to its own name. And, as a white label card game development company for decades, we ace at providing promising online gaming solutions.

What services are included on Taash 52 as a product of White Label Card Development Company?

We hold the patronage and competence to launch online mobile card game applications with finest sets of trending tech and a platform that sets right to your gaming styles. Simultaneously, our dedicated developers ace at the personalization skills to bring up an online card gaming platform which is curated with the high-end graphics, top-class user-interface and game styles that you opt for.

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