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    How to get an online card game developed?

    To get an application for the online card game developed, you simply need to connect with a prominent card game development company or a platform where card game development services are hosted. Furthermore, you need to put up your requirements with regards to the features or changes you need to make a customized application. At the end, you should procure services from reliable companies and incorporate standard and trending technologies to have a scalable card application.

    What is your experience with card game development?

    We have a dedicated group of game developers who hold standard and credible experience in developing high-end mobile card game applications for multiple platforms. More so, our team of developers excel at panning out personalized gaming solutions that rightly resonate with your game preferences. Hire our distinct developers now.

    What kind of card games do we specialize in?

    On our Taash 52 platform we have multiple genres of card games. We host cross-platform games that seamlessly integrate on your devices. Card games that we excel at are Poker, Rummy One, Uno, 3 Card Rumble and Phase 10.

    What game development process do you follow?

    We have a comprehensive and strategic process followed right from the development stage to release of the games. We have certain departments that have dedicated processes to be followed that ensures standard game development. Our core commitment is to incorporate standard development and designing services, with that we incorporate state of the art technology. Additionally, our process pipeline is accurately updated with regards to the required changes.

    What are the rates of card game development services?

    Well, the rates depend on the framework of the card game application opted by the client. The rate of the application varies depending on certain factors like framework, customization requirements and other visual and graphical changes opted by the client. However, it is our forte of delivering top-notch games at the most feasible rates.

    Are the card games on the Taash 52 platform Single-player or Multiplayer games?

    The series of card games on our Taash 52 platform hosts games with dual features. The client gets to choose the game modes which includes single player as well multiplayer games.

    What kind of features are available for the card games on the Taash 52 platform?

    The card games on the Taash 52 platform are feature rich games. The games includes remarkable features like robust framework, RMG certified, Multiple game modes, Authentic Withdrawals, Multiplayer chat and Personal Graphical layout. Over that, the games listed on our Taash 52 platform can be fully customized in no time with feasible options to match your game styles.

    What makes Taash 52 the best and most reliable card game platform?

    Taash 52 is a high-end framework of card games which hosts multiple online card games with distinct features. Over that, the team consists of top talents and experts in the field of game developing with credible experience. With incorporating state of art technology and following our core commitments towards releasing standard online card game applications, we provide unique feature rich and future rich card game applications. Hire our talented team and get the ebay customized online card game applications.