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what is the cost for developing a game app like uno in 2023?

May 29, 2023

What is the cost for Developing a Game App like UNO in 2023?


“Card games what a wonderful leisure activities don’t you think?”, truly said and I can second that notion. They have always been the crowd’s favorite, enjoyed by people. 

Let’s say you have been running around whole day meetings to desk, to paperwork, to desk and back again to the meetings. But…as you come home there are people who know and some random dude gulping down cheetah chugs, and a table full of people playing a card game shouting UNO!. 

A stress buster, a casual game for enjoyment, A drinking game, The game is highly versatile. It can be played by people of any age. Also who doesn’t like to scream UNO and wake that sleepy guy who has been slapping +4 on the table for you since the game began.

You don’t believe us do you, well you will soon just keep up with us and let’s help you explore. You must raise your hand and scream like a microphone, “EXPLORE WHAT NOW?”… Yeah take it easy Pedro.

The only word you need to shout at the top of your voice is “UNO!!!!!”. Cause we are going to talk about it, like a lot. We are going to explore why is it so demanding in the card game industry?, how is it developed?, what are the costs involved?, and if you should invest in UNO or not.

What is UNO?

A fast-paced and quite attractive game of cards involving people of all age groups. Amongst all those card games, UNO is one which is played with fun for relaxation. A game of cards which falls under crazy eight card games is the most versatile form for entertainment. 

A set of printed decks which has numbered action cards instead of Queen, King, Ace and Jack unlike the regular cards. The special action cards motivate the players to block any other player from playing. It forces other players to pick up more cards by adding special cards and to change the direction of playing once a goal is achieved.These cards are grilled to enhance the strength of mind and increase the excitement level of winning.

There are different sets of cards in UNO. And those cards are

  • Draw Four
  • Draw Two
  • Skip
  • Wild Card
  • Reverse.

Being the most popular game, it can be played anywhere anytime, on a school trip, college parties, kitty parties, etc. UNO is a multi-player card game which has its roots traced back to Italian and Spanish whose meaning is “one” has significantly caused a wide growth in its popularity. 

Speaking of UNO, we have already stated that it’s easy to play. But exactly how easy is it? 

The deck of 108 cards are sorted randomly and distributed equally with seven cards among the players. This can be played between 6-10 players in a group. 

After distributing seven cards each, the rest cards will be placed at the center of the circle. One can start the game by drawing a card from the stack of cards. And simultaneously other players have to play with cards of the same color or same number.

Draw Four and Wild Card can also be used while playing. If the player puts these two cards the next player has to pick either four or two extra cards from the draw pile until the player has extra of those cards. At the time of playing, if even after picking up the card the player does not get a card of the same color or same number, then the next player has to continue with the game. 

A brownie point that has to be taken into notice is that the player left with only one card has to shout ”UNO” after submitting the second last card. If the player does not utter “UNO” then the player has to bear extra four or seven cards.

Rules for playing UNO?

The multi-player involving game has an objective: The player can only get out of the playing circle but getting rid of the cards. Once all the players are out of the circle the one with the remaining cards becomes a loser. Being specific with the rules, the UNO game rules are very easy to memorize which results in smooth play.

  • This card game is played among 6-10 players.
  • The players will be given 7 cards each.
  • After the cards are shared, the rest of the cards will be kept in the center of the table and those cards will be called a “Draw Pile”.
  • The main player starts the game by picking up a card from the draw pile.
  • The game continues until the other player doesn’t have the same color or same numbered card. The player has to utter the word “UNO” after submitting the second last card while playing the game.
  • In case, the player fails to utter “UNO”, the player is given an additional four cards from the draw pile which is placed at the center.

What are the technologies used for developing UNO?

The UNO card game development Company focuses on various platforms and features that should be implemented while developing UNO card games. The developers while developing the game meticulously study the coding patterns. 

The developers require a set of tech-stack and those are listed below:-

  • Unity Engine for Game Development- It includes a set of tools and libraries for developing games which supports Android, iOS and Web devices.
  • AWS for cloud
  • Node.js for Back-end development,
  • SQL for database which stores data which includes game scores and settings
  • Google cloud messaging and Apple push notifications service for the smart notifications
  • Azure for real-time analytics and for real-time communication
  • Send Grid Mail Sender API along with payment integration and SMS gateway
  • An UI/UX designer, VFX Animation Artist and a sound engineer is indeed necessary to create assets for a game which includes the music, graphics and sound system.
  •  The QA engineer requires a set of debugging, testing and assurance tools for developing a UNO game . This also includes a project manager, business analyst for dealing with the clients’ needs.

How much does it cost to develop UNO?

UNO has successfully reached a certain height in the gaming industry. Being one among the successful card games which has its demand in the worldwide market costs varies depending upon numerous factors. 

As per the research pattern, the costs of developing a card game is assumed to start from a minimum of $20,000 and maximum of $100,000. However there are certain card game development companies that can use cost-effective technologies and bring your idea to reality.

Certainly, the costs of developing depends upon 

  • Number of cards – The maximum number of cards that are in the game requires more time and effort to create graphics which includes the design and artworks.
  • The artwork – The artwork will affect the cost of development. The design being more specific and accurate requires professional expertise in design.
  • The complexity of the game – If the game possesses complexity, then it tends to consume more time for development thus requiring extra effort.

Why is the UNO game so popular & what are its features?

UNO card game is a classic game which can be played by people of all age groups. It is a fun loving game which holds certain characteristic features to call itself so popular. 

Those unique features are:

  1. Increases Strategic thinking – The rules being simple and easy to remember, it involves a lot of strategy and planning while playing like when to use the special action cards, wild cards and what color to choose that would twist the game.
  2. Turns out to be a family game – This is what makes UNO so fun! The game is so entertaining that even a small child could play & enjoy it the most because of its simple rules. This involves the adults who enjoy relaxing and relieve tiredness.   
  3. Renders hours of entertainment – While you are about to end your game, a special action card can twist the whole game making it more entertaining and refreshing just like adding extra cheese to your pizza. And perhaps this renders the level of your excitement while playing. 
  4. Fast-paced gameplay – This game can end in a short amount of time which makes it perfect for competition and more amusing.
  5. Widely available – Out of every 5 stores, UNO cards will be available in every 3 stores. This gives a clear availability that these cards are widely available.

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You know a card game is extremely popular when a K-pop star with the world’s biggest fanbase successfully collaborates. There are people seeking opportunities to innovate these UNO cards by introducing new rules and regulations. This proves the game segment will never be benched. 

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1.What are the different types of UNO Card Games?

There are four different types of UNO card games. Those are

  • Classic UNO – The original name of the UNO card game is Classic UNO. In this, there is a standard 52-card deck with four special action cards.
  • UNO Flip – Another variant of UNO card game that features two different deck of cards and each deck has different effects.
  • UNO Rush – This is a faster game of UNO in which within a short period of time it is observed to get rid of all the cards among the players.
  • UNO Attack – This card game of UNO includes a spinner that can be used to activate the special power and add more level of excitement in the game.
2.What are the different ways to play UNO?

Different ways of playing UNO are

  • Basic UNO – This is the most common way of playing UNO where a player must play a card that matches with the card that is picked up from the draw pile placed at the center. This is played in a clockwise direction.
  • Draw Two UNO – This is a type of action card where the player has to pick two new cards from the draw pile until and unless the player has the same draw two UNO cards.
  • Draw Four UNO – This is a type of action card where the player has to pick four extra cards from the draw pile placed at the center, until the player has got extra Draw Four UNO cards.
  • Reverse UNO – This is a type of action card that reverses the direction of playing and the game starts in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Skip UNO – This is another type of action card where the next player skips from giving a card. Therefore, the player to the next player can continue with the game.
  • Wild UNO – A card bearing all four colors. If this card is played then the player asks the next player to start the game in which color.
3. What is the rule of playing UNO?
  • Rule 1: The most promising rule while playing UNO is to notice that if a player has one card left in hand then the player has to utter or shout UNO while playing the second last card, else the player will be provided with four extra cards from the “Draw Pile”. 
  • Rule 2: The player has to put either the same color or same numbered card while playing. In case the player does not have that same numbered or colored card, he has to pick a card from the draw pile.